Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings are the ultimate way to protect your car’s paintwork. We offer a range of different coatings, each boasting different lengths of protection and protective properties.

In addition to looking absolutely phenomenal, a ceramic coating is a great way to protect your investment from corrosion, UV-damage, friction, and acidic/alkali damage (resistant against pH2 – pH12), in addition to many other natural and man-made situations that seek to damage your paintwork.

For more information or to book your car in for paint correction/ceramic coating:

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Enhancement Detailing – from £395

Your car’s paintwork, whether 10 years old or brand new, will almost definitely have been subject to improper washing methods. This results in the marring and swirling of your car’s paintwork.

Our enhancement detail includes full exterior decontamination, a single-stage machine polish, and a finish with a ceramic coating.

The result of a single-stage machine polish can be immediately seen by all. Removing light scratching, swirl marks, and holograms, our enhancement detail will transform your car’s paintwork flat and hazy to corrected and popping beautifully in the light.

Furthermore, our Enhancement Detail comes supplied with a high-performance Ceramic Coating package from CQuartz as standard.

Multi-Stage Paint Correction – from £455

Our multi-stage paint correction services exist for those that are in pursuit of perfectly corrected, past-factory-standard paintwork.

Prior to ceramic coating, we carry out either two, three, or in some cases 4 stages of paint correction in order to achieve exactly the finish that you’re looking for. Our stages of correction can consist of a combination of heavy cutting to remove deep scratching and defects, as well as more gentle compounding work to remove lighter defects such as swirl marks/holograms etc. Once all defects are removed, we can then go onto our fine-refinement stages using compounds that have next to no cutting properties. This is the stage that most neglect to carry out, and really helps ensure that the sunlight hitting your paintwork is doing exactly what it should – showing off perfect clarity and show-standard paintwork.

After paint correction, your car will be treated to a Ceramic Coating with a hardness level of 9H. We have a number of different ceramic coatings on offer. The coating’s durability and length of protection period can be discussed prior to the work to ensure that your newly corrected finish is protected for as long as you would like and in line with your budget.