Our Services

Sheen1 – £39 – £45

Sheen1 is our cheapest valet package. Covering the interior and exterior of your vehicle, Sheen1 is ideal for the customer that is looking to get their up-to-standard inside and out, for a great price and in a short time! The Process:

  • Decontamination/thorough cleaning of wheels + brake dust removal
  • 3 Stage Prewash to cleanse your paintwork of surface dirt –
  • Safe Wash
  • Interior Cleanse
  • Upholstery (fabric/leather) and carpet vacuum, plastics/woods cleansed and protected
  • Tyre Dressing
  • Paintwork Finished With Quick Detailer for added gloss

Sheen2 – £59 – £65

Sheen2 includes our deep cleaning interior service, as well as an upgraded decontamination exterior wash that removes tar, glue, and harmful metal fallout that clings to your vehicle’s paintwork. Sheen2 will have your car thoroughly cleansed and decontaminated, inside and out, in just 2.5 hours! The Process:

  • Decontamination/thorough cleaning of wheels + brake dust removal
  • 3 Stage Prewash to cleanse your paintwork of surface dirt
  • Safe Wash
  • Removal of tar and glue deposits
  • Removal of iron deposits/damaging surface paint contaminants
  • Second Safe Wash
  • Interior Deep Clean – upholstery (fabric/leather) vacuum and deep clean, plastics deep cleaned using steam and then protected, upholstery protected
  • Paintwork Sealant – your vehicles paintwork and wheels will be fully protected with a hydrophobic sealant or our wax of choice to protect them through winter and well into spring
  • Finish – all plastic trims and tyres are dressed for a deep shine and protection

Sheen3 – £99

Sheen3 is the package to choose should you want your car to look as it did (most likely better) when you first purchased it. Processes of Sheen3 include thorough paint decontamination, a single-stage hand polish, and a hydrophobic wax that seals in your new shine and protects your vehicle for up to 6 months. Sheen3 will ensure that your car is in its best condition from the front of the bumper to the tip of the exhaust – you will be amazed! It’s a great package to go for if you’re planning on selling your car soon, or would like to see your car’s interior and exterior restored to showroom-worthy condition.

Valet Upgrades

We offer a number of smaller services that serve as great compliments to our valet packages. From glass coatings to headlight restoration, each adds an extra level of finish to your car.

Interior Steam – £35

Upholstery steam cleaning is a great way to effectively disinfect your cars interior.

Removing odours and bacteria, your car will feel fresh and bacteria free.

Steam has been proven to remove 99.9% of common household bacteria – we love it to as it leaves a more natural scent instead of chemicals!

Hydrophobic Glass Coating – from £12

Our range of glass coating services offer the ultimate in hydrophobicity – they are the very definition of water repulsion.

A great glass coating considerably improves visibilty whilst driving in poorer conditions – watch as water lands on your windscreen, beads and flies right off!

Hydrophobic/anti-rain glass coatings also make regular maintenance washing far easier.

Trim Dressing – £14

Our trim dressing upgrade restores the exterior plastics of your vehicle, bringing back their deep black lustre and “like-new” look.

Nano Spray Sealant – £15

In our opinion, nano spray sealant is one of our best (and most cost-effective) upgrades. Providing a layer of protection for your car that will sheet and bead water for up to 6 months, it really is great value for money.

Excess Size Charge – 20%

For excessively large vehicles, an excess size charge of 20% may be applied. We’ll be sure to let you know about this, should it apply, well in advance of carrying out any work.