Winter Protection Packages

Wintersheen – £89

Wintersheen is the perfect detail to book in for if you’re looking to give your car a shell of protection from harsh weather and contamination (such as road salts) throughout the winter months. Whilst adding a great level of gloss to your vehicle, it also boasts fantastic water-repellency (beading and sheeting) and great durability.

The Process:

(Available as a mobile or unit-based service)

  • Decontamination/thorough cleaning of wheels + brake dust removal
  • 3 Stage Prewash to cleanse your paintwork of surface dirt
  • Safe Wash
  • Removal of tar and glue deposits
  • Removal of iron deposits/damaging surface paint contaminants
  • Interior Cleanse – upholstery (fabric/leather) vacuum and deep clean, plastics and trim cleansed
  • Paint and Wheel Sealant – your vehicles paintwork and wheels will be fully protected with a hydrophobic sealant that will shield them through winter and well into spring (Wowos Crystal Sealant)
  • Application of Hydrophobic Glass Coating – all glass on your vehicle will be coated with a glass sealant that will repel water and contamination. Not only does this make for safer winter driving, it’s also extremely satisfying!
  • Finish – all plastic trims and tyres are dressed for a deep shine and protection


  • Glass Sealant: up to 12 months (3/4 on front with washer fluid and wipers)
  • Paint Sealant: 9 months
  • Wheels: up to 6 months

If you’re interested in the science…

In our standard Wintersheen package, we make use of the fantastic Wowo’s Crystal Sealant Whilst the coating adds a great level of gloss to your vehicle, it also boasts fantastic water-repellency and great durability.

Crystal works as a cross-linking nano siloxane, which creates what is essentially a chemically resistant “mesh” structure across the paintwork’s surface for a fantastic level of protection.

Wintersheen Ultimate – £155

(Available only as a unit-based service)

The ultimate version of Wintersheen follows the same process as above, but benefits from a particularly special sealant – TAC Systems Moonlight.


Glass Sealant: up to 12 months (3/4 months on windscreen due to washer fluid and wiper usage)

Paint Sealant: 9+ months

Wheels: up to 9 months

TAC Systems Moonlight is an oil-based coating that boasts an insanely high Si02 (the same basis of ceramic coatings) level of 25%. This amazing product is undoubtedly one of the closest to a full-on ceramic coating available on the market.

TAC Systems Moonlight is oil-based, and thus requires 4-6 hours with us after application to cure to a hard protection. 

Moonlight is well-rated in the detailing world for it’s self cleaning properties too. Whilst this does not mean you won’t have to wash your car for the life of the sealant, it certainly makes it an awful lot easier! 

It really does have to be seen in action to be believed.